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TX9 Pro Android Ott TV BOX Review

September 27th 2018 admin
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Today, thanks to the collaboration of the B2GO store, we offer you the review of the new TV-Box  TX9 Pro, a model that uses the Amlogic S912 Octa core SoC. This is a processor that we have seen in a myriad of devices but in this model seems to have a good balance between specifications and price, we have 3GB of DDR3 RAM, 32GB of internal storage, Wifi ac and Gigabit Ethernet among other features. A perfectly valid model to reproduce any type of content in 4K quality with support for HDR. Let’s see if we are facing an interesting or mediocre product in our usual review. TX9 PRO_02


Package content

This new TX9 Pro Android TV comes in a cardboard box with a very conventional design. Inside we have the device and the rest of the accessories that accompany this model that are located in the bottom under a cardboard cover. We have a fairly simple manual with the first start up steps, an HDMI cable, IR remote and a 5V / 2A power supply with round plug. TX9 PRO (1)

Product Details

The box of the TX9 Pro is made of plastic and has a peculiar triangles design in relief, in the central part we have a square with the logo of the brand that lights up when you turn it on. On the front we have a light panel that shows us the time and data on the network or USB connections, we have not found a way to turn off this lighting. TX9 PRO_01


As we have seen in our review of the TV-Box TX9 Pro equipped with the Amlogic S912 SoC behaves correctly, we have a generous figure of 3GB of DDR3 RAM, 32 GB of fast internal storage and the network adapters that behave efficiently. A device that serves as a media player and streaming without problems thanks to its compatibility with the most modern codecs at video level. On the other hand the TX9 Pro has some weak point as is its high temperature in normal situations and some low values ​​in performance tests that tell us that the speed of the CPU goes down when it is stressed, we have also had problems with the firmware from the official website that does not let you install it in any way, a bit worrisome because it seems that there are two versions of this hardware. In general we are facing an interesting product if we are looking for something with good specifications but we must say that it has its limitations. TX9 PRO (8)

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