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HK1 Android TV Box Review

September 27th 2018 admin
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With the HK1 TV Box the Chinese company now offers a compact TV Box at a reasonable price, which should be particularly suitable for playing multimedia content and should also provide enough power for all everyday applications. What’s more, the HK1 TV BOX includes a Amlogic S905W, which is more than enough to run Android 7.1 without problems. HK2 Design Finally comment that on the front of its plastic box we have a built-in microphone, in regard to its cooling we assume that it will have a fan in its processor because in its advertising is not said to be fanless. The device is made of ABS plastic and is sturdy in nature. It has a simplistic design with a modernistic look to suit with any of the smart TV setups you have in your room.   HK5 Hardware HK1 TV BOX has some rock solid internals it comes with advanced Amlogic S905W processor ( 2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz), HK1 TV BOX can decode and transfer your data at a stunning speed. Get it home, experience its ultrafast performance to get your favorite shows and movies instantly. Built-in Mali-450 penta-core GPU improves the video playback to a greater extent, max resolution is up to 4K. Images will be so vividly as they will jump off the screen any minute. Your viewing experience will be optimized. It boasts 2GB RAM, 16GB flash memory and 128G max extended capacity via SD card. With this great capacity, you can enjoy HD videos with faster loading speed; get smoother gaming experience and download those wonderful apps as many as possible. HK1 Features HK1 TV BOX, Featuring high-performance IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4G+5.8G Dual-Band WiFi, 4.0 Bluetooth, 3.0 USB and 1000 Mbps LAN fast internet speed. The HK1 TV BOX will deliver amazingly smooth data transfer. Say goodbye to the bothering pop out message unable to connect to the internet. HK1 TV BOX Equipped with VGA and HDMI dual outputs for dual monitors. You can easily run two or more applications in full view simultaneously. Double the efficiency, simplify your work and reduce unnecessary waiting time. HK1 TV BOX Comes with Android preinstalled with full features. This device can handle 4k multimedia, using Kodi app which can be installed easily from the official repository. HK3 Conclusion The HK1 TV Box  is a great budget TV box that comes with Amlogic S905W processor & Mali-450 Graphics GPU. With the latest Android 7.1 OS, it allows you to enjoy all your favorite movies, shows and entertainment programs at home.

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