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H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912 Octa Core TV Box Review

September 27th 2018 admin
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Yes you heard right because this Android TV box is the cheapest one with Octa core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU Amlogic S912  Actually the price is around $65 and at the end of article you can see read more about shopping information. And for this price we believe this is the best box available at this moment. In this article review we will present to you everything you need to know about H96 PRO Plus from benchmark testing to watching movies.


So from what we can see you will receive standard equipment like remote control, power adapter, short user manual, HDMI cable, and of course Android TV box. Everything is packed in fancy box which gives you premium feeling.

Design and build

Here we don’t spend too much time because mostly all Android box devices have very similar design, and mostly all are made from plastic. So the same situation is also with H96 PRO Plus because the case is made from plastic, at it has more or less the same design like other devices. It has two USB ports, one HDMI, and one port for microSD card.

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