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How to update P8 P8I DLP smart Projector firmware?

November 27th 2018 admin
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B2GO is a manufacturer for Android tv box and dlp smart projector, like P8 Projector,P8I Porjector and other model of Smart Porjector. Below is the solutions for flash firmware for P8 Projector and P8I Porjector: The tool prepared for upgrading: 1. Computer 2. The data cable with dual USB Use the downloaded tools to upgrade the firmware: 1.Let the computer install the driver for projector( File name:DriverAssitant _v4.5)  Open the file on the computer,please click DriverInstall.Then it will appear the following screen. 2>. Use dual USB cable tolet Projector and PC Notice: let the cable connect with the USB2 port,rather than USB1 port on the projector. 3> After connecting the data cable,use a card pin, paper clip and other blunt needle-shaped toolsto enter into the bottom of the machine(as the following picture:please notice the the position)and find a hidden button. Press with pin and hold without loosening,meanwhile make the same boot as before.   4>. Open the file (name:FactoryTool_v1.51) on the computer,then click the “exe”to enter into the following screen.   5>. Then click the“run”button,The tools will let the projector upgrade automatically. If you have any other questions to flash firmware for P8 projector and p8i projector, pls contact our tech team: [email protected]

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