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G10 WiFi display HDMI Miracast for Android iOS smartphone tablet to TV

Model: G10
Memory: DDR1Gbit
CPU: AM8272X
Clarity: 4k
Power: 5 V 2A
Weight: about 150 grams
Size: approx. 140 * 80 * 40mm / 5.20 * 3.15 * 1.57in.

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G10 WiFi display Features:
1. A simpler connection method.
2. The signal is stable without delay, which solves the problem of the same-screen wireless card.
3. Built-in antenna bid farewell to complex wiring, built-in antenna no longer requires cumbersome wiring, with a projection power cord.
4. Compatible with a variety of highly compatible devices, support Android / iPhone / iPad; a wide range of applications, support for projectors / monitors / HDTV and other HDMI devices.
5. Lightweight, compact and portable. The design is simple, the body is small, no space, both performance and volume, easy to carry.
6. Support 3D visual effects, high-definition 4K image quality, 3D stereo vibration effect.

G10 WiFi display Product List:
WiFi display dongle* 1
User Manual* 1

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Product Name:G10 WiFi display HDMI Miracast for Android iOS smartphone tablet to TV

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