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DBX-tv Delivers High-Quality Audio in Amlogic’s First SoC for Upgradable Smart TV

September 21st 2017 admin
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Milford, MA (January 6, 2016) – dbx-tv, a leading provider of audio intellectual property to the television industry, and Amlogic, a leading fabless semiconductor company providing solutions for advanced consumer products, today announced the integration dbx-tv’s award-winning Total Technology audio enhancement suite with Amlogic’s quad-core T866, T868, T966, and T968 series System-on-Chip (SoC), specifically designed for television and set-top box manufacturers.
The Total Technology suite incorporates several algorithms working intelligently together to deliver the best sound possible from TVs and STBs. As we can see, people also like to label their products by considering the numbers of the cores and the parameter. So the chip of the digital products matters a lot. When people choose, the first aspect they are going to consider will be the quality and paramater of the CPU and GPU. However, there are too many frauds in the market and people sometimes just feel hard to choose the right option. The thing  will be the same when it comes to the Android TV box products. If you, unfortunately, have chosen a fake-goods supplier, the result of your business will just be crude. But you still want to make sure that the cost of your imported goods are favorable, a supplier of integrity and stability will be your first chioce. B2GO is the leading manufacturer of Android TV box. The core part of its products has been strictly selected in case of fake, pirated products mixing in the authorized ones.By integrating its R&D ability and its industry-leading sources, the company is dedicated to building its own brand. Under the principle of making our mobile accessories and smart homes products more practical for the customers, the company will never stop its innovative service to provide a unique and perfect consumption experience for the customers, based on its excellent reputation. Products, like Intel mini PC, B2GO DLP projectors are recommended for the trendy and powerful configuration.



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